A voyage to the north Indian delicacies.

When the exotic spices from South India travelled thousands of miles to the North Indian kitchens, some delicacies were created over the last few centuries which agitated our taste buds with their heavenly taste and aroma. This was the cuisine that got famous and renowned all over the world and took pride in calling itself the North Indian food.
The North Indian vegetarian food is a perfect blend of healthy vegetables and dairy products with spices. The integral food consist of curries and breads along with flavoured rices. The “Garam Masala” is a very important ingredient in the North Indian Food. It’s the soul of the delicious curries. Curries are prepared after grinding the Masalas together and adding freshly chopped vegetables to it.
The North Indian breads are very different from the bakery breads. These special circular breads are prepared exclusively to be eaten with the curries. Some of the famous breads are “The Naan” , “Tandoori Roti” and “Rumali Roti”. North Indian Rice dishes are made with an exquisite aroma. The rice is boiled and given a strong flavour by spices. The rice is generally eaten with the curries.
Over the time, the North Indian recipes have travelled all over the globe. The too good to be true food of North India has become immensely popular and loved by the people of different countries. The spicy nature of food, the perfect use of spices and the mouth-watering taste has made the North Indian Food a premium category of cuisine.
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