Here at Green Soul Kitchens, we believe in staying true to our name : To stay green in our souls and touch the soul of the city. With over a decade of experience in our name, we continue to be one of the trusted names when it comes to homemade food. Green Soul Kitchens offers a wide range of nutrition – enriched, scrumptious homemade food cooked with a warm touch of love and care.

We not only have a plethora of options as part of our multicuisine menu, but we also have meals formulated in different ways to suit your needs. Additionally, a choice between vegetarian food and non – vegetarian food is also available to cater to your needs and desires. We take pride in the fact that we avoid food of prime quality and deliciousness.

We offer three options in our menu : the happy meal combo, the mini meal combo and the roti subzi combo. We have a provision to schedule your meals and provide both dinner and lunch. An option to cancel your meal is also available but you may do so in the mandated time window. Our meals are reasonably priced and loaded with nourishment. We source our ingredients from the best available options.

Our efforts reach you wherever you may be in this grand city, with our messengers of love delivering the warmth of home at your doorstep. All it takes is a decision on your part to order food, and we shall reach you. Our coverage reaches every nook and corner of the city and no matter where you are, our network will find you. Our clientele express deep satisfaction and we believe that customer satisfaction is as integral a part of our mission, as is the quality of our products and services.

We’re regarded as a premium tiffin service with a network outreach that serves love to our customers.  Our mission is bringing home to you, even as you conquer a city away from it.

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